The HEF Foundation is a non-government, non-profit organisation dedicated to conservation, research and education in endangered species and populations.  HEF has a special interest in the camel and the other animals it shares its desert environments with.
The Wild Bactrain Camel of the Gobi desert exists in numbers less than that of the Giant Panda.  Less than 100 two humped camels of the Nobra valley in Ladakh survive, in a war zone, at altitudes of over 10,000ft.  The Arabian Oryx and Tahr once shared the Arabian Peninsula with the camel but are now almost unknown in the Wild.
Prezwelski’s horse, one of the oldest breeds, once shared the cold deserts of Mongolia with the Bactrain Camels.  Sadly, they have not been sighted in the wild since the 1950’s
 Projects focusing on the use of advanced breeding techniques, such as embryo transfer, will be started to try to help increase the numbers of some of these animal populations, using funding, equipment and personnel supplied by the foundation.  At the same time the foundation intends to support environmental education with children, as well as research in areas that relate to project’s focus.  Much of the education and fund raising will revolve around the use of a children’s book character, “Harry the Camel”, through which we hope to link the projects, education initiatives and funding.  Some of these education projects include the “Conservation Hamloul” environmental pack for schools in the U.A.E. and sponsorship of veterinary students in Hisar and Bikaner universities in India.  Research sponsorship includes support of the ‘Journal of Camel Practice and Research’ as well as publication support for a new dedicated veterinary text ‘Selected Topics on Camelids’.
The camel, by its nature is a conservationist who has always roamed the deserts conserving its resources and leaving little more than footprints.  In these times of global warming and expanding deserts, we feel the camel is an ideal representative for conservation and environmental focus.  HEF represents “Harry’s Endangered Friends” and it is our mission to help Harry support his friends.

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